One year in

October 8, 2020

Coming to Kickstarter soon!

Waking up with superpowers and no memory, five strangers find themselves in a struggle for survival and a search for answers. Pursued relentlessly, will their hardships bring them closer together or turn them against each other? And will everyone make it to the end?



As Subject 5, you will have to make decisions that affect the entire group. Choosing your every line of dialogue, you will - directly or indirectly down the line - determine their ultimate fates.



Everything you say and do will impact your companions' feelings towards you, each other, and themselves. Any two characters may be rivals in one playthrough and friends in the next, leading to different conflicts and group dynamics every time.



Regardless of Subject 5's gender and orientation, you will have the option to pursue a romance with other characters. Whether sexual or emotional in nature, these relationships will feature prominently in the game.



Think fast and find clever ways to use your powers on the environment to defeat your enemies.



More about Super/Human Identity

It's been a little over a year since me and my husband started Rock A Role Games and began working on our first game. And what a year...


Dodging and weaving through the emotional obstacle course that has been 2020, we're coming out on the other side running, with the imminent launch of our demo on Steam, and our Kickstater crowdfunding campaign.


We have had our share of ups and downs. Writing has been a struggle. The beginning of a story is the most important to get right, but I think we might be there. Sound Design has been handed over to our amazing composer Edwin Montgomery (Phew!).


Currently, work is proceeding at a break-neck speed, and if everything goes as planned, our demo and Kickstarter will go live at the end of this month!



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