Half a year into development

February 25, 2020

Coming to Kickstarter soon!

Waking up with superpowers and no memory, five strangers find themselves in a struggle for survival and a search for answers. Pursued relentlessly, will their hardships bring them closer together or turn them against each other? And will everyone make it to the end?



As Subject 5, you will have to make decisions that affect the entire group. Choosing your every line of dialogue, you will - directly or indirectly down the line - determine their ultimate fates.



Everything you say and do will impact your companions' feelings towards you, each other, and themselves. Any two characters may be rivals in one playthrough and friends in the next, leading to different conflicts and group dynamics every time.



Regardless of Subject 5's gender and orientation, you will have the option to pursue a romance with other characters. Whether sexual or emotional in nature, these relationships will feature prominently in the game.



Think fast and find clever ways to use your powers on the environment to defeat your enemies.



More about Super/Human Identity

After a, in several ways, dark and miserable winter, spring is finally here. Daylight is returning, which is appreciated, and life is slowly going back to normal. Of course, “normal” for a tiny new studio of two people with ambitious goals and deadlines translates to hard mode, bordering on insanity. But we are feeling up to the challenge.


Despite setbacks, Super/Human Identity is moving forward. Programming for our action elements is working out the way we wanted, and despite a lack of finished game assets, we have started to assemble what we have in engine, building our first production version of the game. Character design is resuming and results will hopefully appear here soon.


Meanwhile, we have been working with the fantastic Zirouu and got some truly beautiful CGs, such as the sublime one above.


Sound design is proving a challenge on a non-existing budget. In Super/Human Identity, the player character is gifted with telekinetic powers and it is important that we get these powers to feel right. Finding sounds that are the right balance between subtle and impactful, while being restricted to free libraries and free audio software, has taken a lot of time, but we think we are on to something.


Music, on the other hand, is in the very capable hands of composer Edwin Montgomery and, from what we have heard so far, is going to be outstanding.


Attending the Stockholm gamedev mini-conference “the thing” last Saturday marked a first for us, being there as one of the many studios of our home city ranging from small indie to huge AAA. Though obviously a tiny speck compared to the giants, we were still made to feel part of the same space. It is easy to feel isolated as an indie developer. Getting to share our passion and struggles, listen to some great talks and meet so many different people working on so many different interesting projects made for an inspiring, exhausting, incredible day.


We are continuously working to finish our demo and hope to launch our Kickstarter later this spring.



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